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Pediatric Services

Pediatric Services

There’s nothing more important than taking care of your child. At Heart City Health, your children will be in the excellent hands of our pediatricians. Because pediatricians are specialized in medical care for children, you’ll have experts on your side who can help you care for your children with confidence. 

Physical examinations

Routine physicals are an important checkpoint that can give you key information on your child’s overall health and wellness. Additionally, most school sports require a physical exam for participation. 

Immunization updates

Immunizations are critical to preventing illness. School-age children must get a set of vaccinations in order to attend classes. Our pediatrics department helps parents plan for their children’s vaccines by following the recommended immunization schedule for children and young adults

Tracking growth and development

Babies grow rapidly in their first months and years of life. Your pediatrician is trained to understand the normal growth patterns of newborns, infants, and adolescents. This knowledge can help you make informed decisions on diet, exercise, sleep, and other critical aspects of your child’s health. 

Vision, hearing, and behavior screenings

As your child develops, their vision, hearing, and behavior may change. We provide in-house vision, hearing, and behavior screenings so you’re aware of any need for glasses, hearing aids, or other health accessories and treatments. 

Laboratory studies as needed

When a child is born, they go through a number of health screenings before they leave the hospital. These labs look for metabolism, blood, and other disorders that can be detected early on. After that, many children don’t need additional lab work, however, in some cases, additional lab studies will be needed. 

Typically, labs are conducted if a child shows symptoms of a serious condition such as diabetes, high blood pressure, iron deficiency anemia, etc. These labs can be taken and processed through Heart City Health, which means your child can get the screenings they need on our sliding fee scale if you don’t have health insurance. 

Informational Services 

You’re the parent of your child. Our pediatricians are here to offer assistance using their expertise on child growth and development. We hope you’ll view your pediatrician as an ally and resource for health, safety, physical fitness and nutrition tips that can help your child thrive as they progress toward adolescence. 

Guidance on behavior & family communication

Because Heart City Health cares for every aspect of our patients’ health, your pediatrician will have some training in behavioral health information. Feel free to ask your pediatrician questions about how to communicate effectively and respond to child behaviors. 

Dental Examinations

Yes, even babies need to see a dentist. Checking an infant’s teeth and gums is important for detecting the risk of tooth decay, inspecting for sores and other abnormalities, and assessing the effects of thumb sucking, pacifier usage and more. 

Plan on your pediatrician recommending your child’s first dental exam at around six months, or when the first tooth breaks through the gums. 

During the exam, a dentist or dental hygienist will inspect the teeth, gums, and mouth for potential risks and problems. They’ll offer tips on dental hygiene and may do some tooth cleaning. In addition, they may inquire about eating and drinking habits to evaluate if the child will need fluoride treatments for optimal tooth support. 

Heart City Health is proud to offer dental services through our dental office, so you don’t have to worry about finding a dentist when it’s time for your child’s first dental exam. 

Looking for a Pediatrician?

We serve patients with and without insurance. Contact Heart City Health to explore your options and book your appointment with a pediatric doctor today.