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Heart City Health Names Jeren Stepp New CFO 

Heart City Health Names Jeren Stepp New CFO 

November 24th, 2020

ELKHART, Ind. – With a love of service, Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) and helping organizations grow Jeren Stepp is named the Chief Financial Officer at Heart City Health. He brings executive-level accounting and healthcare experience he’s procured over the years.

Jeren’s interest in financial management began early in his career. He studied business and accounting at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. During this period he explored his financial interest with various roles in the banking and lending industry. This gave him familiarity with asset management, audit, and A/R analysis. This experience opened the door into Healthcare with time spent at Blue Cross Blue Shield, Blue Care Network, HAP, and St. John Hospital. In 2014 he joined his first FQHC. Now, in 2020, he’s eager to assist Heart City Health as they continue their growth.

In terms of managing an FQHC’s monetary business Jeren Stepp has a unique perspective. As the new Chief Financial Officer of Heart City Health, he’ll be leveraging healthcare financial management, with federal health center experience in order to direct the company’s Finance Department.

“The most exciting thing for me is to work with the management team under Esleen,” says Stepp. “This is a great chemistry of people whom I’m confident could get a lot accomplished.”

In addition to overseeing the budget across all departments and meeting with members of executive committees to determine the viability and costs of different programs, he’ll be using his accounting, reporting, and leadership experience in order to develop optimal strategies with the Executive team.

Stepp recognizes the need to promote ingenuity and create efficiencies in order to allow for maximum long term growth, time savings, and reduced costs. Additionally, he believes in the value of a stress-free, positive, and inclusive work environment. In his free time, he is an avid reader, minor outdoorsman, and nutritional hobbyist.


About Heart City Health

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